“Thank you so much for the exceptional care and support during my husband's stay and during our 24 hours prior to his death, you are a great facility!”
– Wife of L.B.
“We want to thank everyone for the wonderful loving care given to MW in her time spent there. We thank you from our hearts.”
- Family of MW
"I want to thank everyone for the wonderful care they gave my husband during his stay at Willow Ridge for 3+ years. I praise each and every one of you for the work you do. I love you all."
– Judy H.
“Your kindness and loving care for AA in her last days is appreciated.”
– Friend of AA
Everyone has gone above and beyond the call of duty. They are kind and compassionate and greatly appreciated. The food is tasty and appealing.
- M.D.
“Willow Ridge Staff, there are too many of you to name and we wouldn’t want to forget any of you! You are all so awesome in what you have done to get my Mom up and running again, well, not exactly running! She is so happy to be home and she is so up beat. We appreciate everything you did for her.”
– Her Children and their families
Thank you all for remembering my Dad. I know he/we weren’t the easiest to care for and work with- It was a challenging time for all. May God Bless you all going forward. Your Kindness is deeply appreciated and will always be remembered.
- The family of HO
"To each and every one who took such good care of me and helped me feel so much better, I can’t say Thank You enough times. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful meals, comfortable room and the excellent therapy I received. We are fortunate that it is right here in Amery."
– Donna L.
Physical therapy and occupational therapy staff were very good. The room and people were very nice. I would certainly recommend the facility.
- Jerry S.
"We wish to say thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement provided, but even more for the care and friendship extended to our mother during her time at Willow Ridge."
– The B. Family
"Thanks for your caring spirit and wonderful work! Thanks to all of Dad’s caregivers, and thank you to all the staff for caring so much for our Dad! He was a special man and you were all so wonderful to him."
– The C. Family
Thank you so much for all of the love and care you all provided and showed to P.J. Thanks and God Bless each of you
- Wife of P.J.
“Thank you for the care you gave my mom during the past 5 years.”
- Son of LC


Thank you so much for all of the love and care you all provided and showed to P.J. Thanks and God Bless each of you
- Wife of P.J.

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